What we do

SS Umbrella agency connects employers with contractors under a fixed contract that is planned to benefit both the parties involved in it. Along with the work contract, SS Umbrella covers all the financial aspects involved in this process like the tax legislation, policies, reimbursement and other monetary related requirements of the employer and the employee signed into a particular organisation. The Recruitment agency issues contracts to a limited number of companies as the agency liability would be reduced.


Best Industry Expert

The best at the job, SS Umbrella has been the most convenient and approachable organisation for people looking for the service.

Fast And Effective

With hands-on employees working on projects, the organisation attends to every individual project / problem providing special time and attention.

Flexible Pricing

Known to provide the most convenient pricing to their clients, we provide services at an affordable price that would hep the individual progress without having to kickstart with burning a hole in the pocket.


A young organisation that stunned people for its fast-moving phase of work, SS Umbrella saw a lot of growth, exposure and experience in a short span of time due to the quality of the work.

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