Chancellor Sajid Javid and Prime Minister Boris Johnson are receiving open letters from different organisations. Businesses are requesting them to put an end to the new contractor legislation of the private sector.

In total, 11 groups representing freelancers and contractors in the UK have requested the Chancellor and Prime Minister to suspend the Loan Charge and block the extension of off-payroll in the private sector.

These organisations include Professional Passport, WTT Consulting/WTT Big Group, Forum of Private Business, Prism, IT Contracting,,, ContractorCalculator, Contractor Services Association (FCSA), Freelancer, Loan Charge Action Group, and Stop The Off-Payroll Tax campaigns. All of these organisations came up with two major demands:

  • Halt the Loan Charge before 30th September 2019 after which an independent review can be carried out, according to the PM’s agreement. Previously, he announced that a review was necessary during his campaigning for the leadership bid. He further supported this stance with a letter to the last chancellor.
  • Make an announcement that the government is going to eliminate the Off-Payroll Tax and ensure that the Treasury can cooperate with the freelancing and contracting sectors to determine how much this sector contributes to the UK tax system and economy.

The letter also requests the duo to launch a comprehensive investigation against the HM Revenue and Customers.

According to the letter, so far, the Treasury only listened to the HMRC, an institution that continuously erred and mismanaged with destructive policies. While these policies may have helped in increasing revenue, they have severely damaged the contracting and British business sector.

The letter ended with a new hope that the new leadership, comprising of Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid, can introduce a new approach, with a special focus on providing relief to the contracting sector. Additionally, it is hoped that the industry receives the much-needed help from the government’s institutions, which can give it with the respect it deserves.