A pay raise is expected for workers who are engaged with Living Wage employers in the UK. The increase in wages is more than the rise in inflation levels this year.

The UK Living Wage has been increased to £9 per hour by the Living Wage Foundation. This represents a 25-pence increase per hour. The rate is more £1.72 more than the minimum government wage.

The London hourly rate has also been increased from £10.20 to £10.55 — an increase of 35 pence per hour. The London rate is £2.72 more than the government minimum wage.

The Living Wage is paid by above 4,700 employers in the UK. An estimated 180,000 workers are set for an increase in pay.

Over 4,700 employers across the UK, including over 1,500, in London pay the Living Wage and an estimated 180,000 workers are set for a pay boost.

A Call to Take Low Pay

The Living Wage Foundation (LWF) has called all large employers to assist in solving the issue of low pay. It has committed to raising the pay rates above the rates set by the Government. The foundation had committed to increasing the pay to ensure staff is able to live on the pay.

According to a study by LWF, about 480,000 additional workers could benefit if local universities, sports clubs, and authorities raise wages according to the Living Wage.

KMPG that found that more than a fifth of employers in the UK pays less than the real Living Wage. Nearly 1.2 million jobs have been paying less than the Living Wage rates since 2012.

Last year, about 1,200 employers had decided to pay more than the government minimum rates. This included large firms such as University of Bristol, Liverpool Football Club, Aberystwyth University, and Sheffield City Region.

At the moment, more than 5,900 employers across the UK pay more than the government minimum wage. The list includes such large firms as Google, Aviva, and IKEA. Moreover, a large number of small business owners have committed to going beyond by minimum.

According to the director of the Living Wage Foundation, the Living Wage tackles the issue of people being paid less than required for subsistence. Every responsible business know that the government’s minimum pay is not adequate to meet expenses. The increase in Living Wage Rates will help boost the pay of thousands of workers across the UK.