No Hidden Fee

Several agencies charge an extra fee for their service which is included in the total payment and is only revealed at the final point when no changes can be made. SS Umbrella Company holds no such hidden fees.

Multiple payrolls per day

This allows the employees to access better income based on their hours of work, making payment strategies much effective.


SS Umbrella, with an intention to make it user friendly has developed as Easy, simple and quick sign up process.

Effective Tax Advice

With a huge list of clients and experience that is in abundance, the team of SS Umbrella thrives to stay updated about the global financial status and offer situation-appropriate advices to their clients.

Expert Support team

One less thing to worry about with this option is the taxation issues. PAYE allows accurate and fair tax payments under SS Umbrella’s organisation.

Individual Attention

There will be Individual Contractor Personal Assistant for each Employee.

Sign Up

Full “SDC” Assessment and Insurance Cover provided.


There will be a £10.00 Weekly Cost of Service provided to all the employees.


Same Day Faster Payments for daily wage/regular employees.

Statutory Sick, Maternity & Paternity Pay

We keep in mind the well being of our clients and help them with Statutory, sick and maternal/paternal paid leave.

Queries with HMRC

Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs takes care of tax collection and the minimum wage/monetary support from the UK government. Any queries with respect to the procedures and plan is take care of the team of SS Umbrella.

Fast & Accurate Payment

We have always set our goals and have implemented it on time, giving out fast and accurate payments to the parties involved.

Dedicated Consultant

Consultants who are always available to listen to your queries, come up with suggestions/solutions and have readily accessible helplines.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We guarantee professional processing of compensation in case of any unfortunate events and ensure timely implementation of the same.

Remuneration Packages

We’ve always had an eye for good work and have ensured to reward the respective individual with monetary / non-monetary rewards as a token of appreciation for the effort and accomplishment.

Full Employment Rights

The employees are treated with dignity and their rights are acknowledged and in effect always.


Full and Complete Back Office Function.


There has been a Full Pension Scheme designed exclusively for the employees under SS Umbrella organisation.

HR Assistance

There will be guidance and following of full HR cover and assistance.

100% Compliant PAYE Payment Solution

Backed by a team of highly skilled experts, the helpline is easily accessibly by anyone in case there are queries or qualms regarding financial matters and other respective issues.

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